You and your comrades went to war together, hoping you were fighting for the right side. You left the war wishing you had never fought at all. For centuries, factions of noble houses had battled other factions in the Grand Council and before the Emperor, but in your lifetimes, the battles had moved from words to swords, from the Council and into the street, until finally war had come and shattered the Empire.

The war that has broken the Empire rages still, but some have already lost it. The House you had sworn your sword to, House Alister, was defeated a year ago. After six years of struggle and battle, its lord was beheaded and its lands confiscated by one of the dozen would-be emperors.

With your war over, you returned to find shattered lives. Your families were killed, scattered or enslaved, never to be seen again; your homes burnt and your wealth looted. United by war and hardship, and possessing little but the arms and armor you had kept from the war, your party resolved to travel north, bartering passage across Deepsea to the northern lands of Snowreach, and to leave the Empire behind until peace came again.

It has been a year and the Empire is still not at peace. You have created lives as adventurers, wanderers, mercenaries and guards in the feudal and harsh realm of Snowreach and have come to regard the frozen steppes and great mountains as a second home.

Your adventure begins in the fortress city of Kragshelm, a ducal capitol and ruling seat of one of the more prosperous border kingdoms of Snowreach. It is a more strategic than convenient locale, perched above the great mountain pass to Firend, but there is money to be had, guarding traders who dare enter the barbarian lands beyond the Rampart Mountains, and the usual bully work that Town Guard is too noble to do themselves.

Character Creation

  • Characters served together in the War
  • Start 3rd level, but do not get any boost in gold or equipment
  • Good or neutral alignments only
  • No monstrous humanoids or dark races (goblins, orcs, Drow, etc.)
  • Many races are being handled differently, elves in particular. Please consult the Peoples section for more information.
  • Stats are handled: Point buy system. Standard fantasy, 15 points.

Winter's Exile

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