Winter's Exile

09/1/2011 Chapter 2, Game 1 - Old Friends, New Adventures

After a long and arduous trek over the mountains, the party returned to Kragshelm. Their first stop was the temple of Heron Snowborn, to beseech the priests there to remove the curse affecting the cavalier. A high priest was summoned and the cavalier achingly returned to normal. A series of negotiations followed, as they sold their acquired loot from Mount Arakai. Jalad, honor-bound to return a fallen knight’s belongings to his family, traveled north alone, hoping to beat the first snows. Fortune smiled on the southerners, however, as old companions from the war caught up with them.

A choice of adventures awaited them – as well as path to destiny and revenge. Two strangers from the south came looking for the party, intent on passing information to the group about the fall of House Alister. Coin changed hands and it was learned that General Rassus, commander of the gates, had been bribed to betray his lord, leading to the breaching of the city and the subsequent slaughter of House Alister and most of our families. The traitorous general was now living in luxury in the manse of Lord Athos in the Free City of ?.

This greatly informed their next choice. A noble had been looking to head into the borderlands of Firend and needed protection from the barbarians and orcs he was sure to find there. That quest would have taken them further inland, and with rage burning in their hearts at the thought of General Rassus living in splendor, the party chose to guard a caravan from barbarian raiders en route to the coast. There, they hope to secure passage across the water to a final confrontation with the traitor.

A few days out of the gates of Kraghelm, Darious spotted a young barbarian lookout – a watcher for a group of raiders. Both sides slowly moved towards battle, with Darious guarding the northern flank with creeping vines. Lugh and Kel moved to meet steel with steel, while Thomas and Brenavyn brought waves of arcane might against the raiders. The battle quickly won, Lugh interrogated the survivors and the party sent them on their way. A mighty orc host (or hosts) was moving in the north and the barabarians were moving south to avoid them, setting up a likely war of attrition. With the thought of the conscripted levies being marched to the western forts to fight an unknown threat weighing on some, the PCs returned to their duties and the caravan moved past the battle site.

07/21/11 - Game 2

After filling our packs and tracking down our missing companion we set out. The first day was mostly uneventful, that is until after we set up camp and we heard the howls of worgs.

The second day we discovered we were being followed through the mountain pass and decided to set up a trap. Turns out we were being followed by a Scavian that Brenavyn had gotten information from the previous day. An impromptu rock slide scared the Scavian off, though he may be back. It also nearly cost us the live of one of companions. As the second day came to an end we decided to set up camp in a more defensible position should the worgs decide to come at us. We found the remains of a tower and decided to set up in there. There were 3 holes in the outer wall and we were able to block one off before nightfall.

The worgs did attack us that night and we killed each and every one of them. We pushed their lifeless bodies into a ravine. After the battle we decided to spend an extra day resting and to tend to our wounds. Thankfully we brought plently of food and we were able to find a goat to supplement our rations.

We set out on the morning of the fourth day and within a few hours we had finally reached our destination.

07/07/11 - Game 1

The Tavern Master was kind enough to give us another lead on a job. Granted, it is in his best interest to keep us informed of such opportunities as if we don’t make money, he doesn’t get any from us. We didn’t hesitate to pick up our stuff and head out into the crisp autumn air. A job is a job, but a job from the adviser to the Duke to a payday.

Our trip to our meeting was put on hold when we heard a mugging taking place. A Half-orc rogue, by the name of Man Skinner, was doing business as usual, along with 3 of his lackeys. We decided it would be in our best interests to protect the two drunkards. Man Skinner put up a bit of a fight, but we handled him and his lackeys fairly easily. Man Skinner was turned into the Night Watch for a small sum.

Luck was with us as one of the men we saved owned a store nearby and he promised to repay us for saving him.

We continued on to meet with the adviser to the Duke. He told us a story of a locked away dungeon in the Rampart Mountains. He showed us a skull of some foreign metal, with undecipherable runes on it. It glowed with magic when my partner, Brenevan, looked upon it with his sight. The only thing the Adviser to the Duke wants for himself is a leather bound book that, he believes, we will be able to find within the dungeon. That leaves anything else we find to help pay for our expenses. In addition, the book will net us 5,000 silver pieces.

We went back to the Ten Hands to plan for our trip. The Tavern Master gave us a free round for dealing with Man Skinner. We enjoyed a few rounds and some fresh stag meat and then I retired shortly thereafter.

In the morning myself and Darius headed off to track down the store owner from the night before, while Gren and Brenevan went out to find out what they could about the dungeon we were traveling to. Our was able to find our new friend and he gave us a discount on some rations.

What adventure awaits us? I guess we’ll find out soon.


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