Winter's Exile

07/07/11 - Game 1

The Tavern Master was kind enough to give us another lead on a job. Granted, it is in his best interest to keep us informed of such opportunities as if we don’t make money, he doesn’t get any from us. We didn’t hesitate to pick up our stuff and head out into the crisp autumn air. A job is a job, but a job from the adviser to the Duke to a payday.

Our trip to our meeting was put on hold when we heard a mugging taking place. A Half-orc rogue, by the name of Man Skinner, was doing business as usual, along with 3 of his lackeys. We decided it would be in our best interests to protect the two drunkards. Man Skinner put up a bit of a fight, but we handled him and his lackeys fairly easily. Man Skinner was turned into the Night Watch for a small sum.

Luck was with us as one of the men we saved owned a store nearby and he promised to repay us for saving him.

We continued on to meet with the adviser to the Duke. He told us a story of a locked away dungeon in the Rampart Mountains. He showed us a skull of some foreign metal, with undecipherable runes on it. It glowed with magic when my partner, Brenevan, looked upon it with his sight. The only thing the Adviser to the Duke wants for himself is a leather bound book that, he believes, we will be able to find within the dungeon. That leaves anything else we find to help pay for our expenses. In addition, the book will net us 5,000 silver pieces.

We went back to the Ten Hands to plan for our trip. The Tavern Master gave us a free round for dealing with Man Skinner. We enjoyed a few rounds and some fresh stag meat and then I retired shortly thereafter.

In the morning myself and Darius headed off to track down the store owner from the night before, while Gren and Brenevan went out to find out what they could about the dungeon we were traveling to. Our was able to find our new friend and he gave us a discount on some rations.

What adventure awaits us? I guess we’ll find out soon.


(Nice post, man. Keep it up.)

07/07/11 - Game 1

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