Winter's Exile

07/21/11 - Game 2

After filling our packs and tracking down our missing companion we set out. The first day was mostly uneventful, that is until after we set up camp and we heard the howls of worgs.

The second day we discovered we were being followed through the mountain pass and decided to set up a trap. Turns out we were being followed by a Scavian that Brenavyn had gotten information from the previous day. An impromptu rock slide scared the Scavian off, though he may be back. It also nearly cost us the live of one of companions. As the second day came to an end we decided to set up camp in a more defensible position should the worgs decide to come at us. We found the remains of a tower and decided to set up in there. There were 3 holes in the outer wall and we were able to block one off before nightfall.

The worgs did attack us that night and we killed each and every one of them. We pushed their lifeless bodies into a ravine. After the battle we decided to spend an extra day resting and to tend to our wounds. Thankfully we brought plently of food and we were able to find a goat to supplement our rations.

We set out on the morning of the fourth day and within a few hours we had finally reached our destination.



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