Elder Race

Statue of an Elder

The Elder Race or simply the Elders, may have been the first sentient race to walk the world of Yaril. Little is known about them, despite the deep and lasting imprint they left on the world. They ruled for unknown years over the land, making outposts throughout the known world that now line in ruin. Capable of incredible magic, they were said to be able to “call forth servants from sea and air” and “give breath to stone and flesh to water”, tales that imply that they had the magic to create living things to do their bidding.

The surviving artwork depicting the Elders found in the ruins of Koros shows two-legged and muscular creatures, with four arms and a proud leonine head.


By all reckoning, the seat of Elder power was the land of Koros. Now covered with ruins and blighted vistas, there were vast and beautiful cities throughout the land, as well as magnificent structures. They were obviously skilled in art, architecture and magic.

However, when the conflict that lead to the Great Ruin erupted, they turned this power upon themselves. Where once they created beautiful servants, now they created hideous monsters. Where they once created beautiful gardens, they now created hideous plagues. All of their power was turned against one another, and with a great conflagration, their cities were destroyed and their race eliminated.

When the dust cleared, some of their servant races remained, scattered to the winds to make a place for themselves. Other beasts, hideous creations made only for war, hideous mutated, still roam the ruins of Koros, driven by their ancient and dead monsters to eternal violence.

The Yavana claim their race was created by the Elder Race as servants and companions, but were exiled during the Great Ruin came, many were banished in favor of more warlike servants. It is speculated that the Narathi were creatures created replace them during the Ruin.

Elder Race

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