Koros is one of the most dangerous lands in all of Yaril. Once the homeland of the great Elder Race, it is now covered with massive ruins, hideous blights and strange creatures left over from the war that the Elders waged during the Great Ruin.

Koros is now a peninsula at the westernmost part of the northern continent. However, it used to be an expanse that stretched all the way to Lothgier. However, during the Great Ruin, all but the western part was destroyed in some sort of cataclysm, forming the Shattersea.

Located in the westernmost part of the northern continent, it is an infrequent destination for fortune-hunters and adventurers. While the lands are extremely dangerous to visit, expeditions find safe port in Bladehone on Scythemoon Isle before making their way onto the southern or western coast of Koros. For the lands of Koros are still filled with treasures and potent items left over from the Elders, waiting for those brave enough to retrieve them.

The northern part of the peninsula is dominated by Azgul, the land of the dark kingdoms. Legend says that a confederation of Narathilim founded Azgul after the Age of Slaughter, seeking to recreate the Narathi way of life. Great hordes have come from Azgul in the past, of strange undead and distorted orcs. Whatever the rulers of Azgul’s goals are, they are certainly experimenting.

The northern pass from Longmarch to Koros is guarded by the fortress of Farhold, manned by soldiers sent from Snowreach as a first line against invaders from the desolate place.

Notable Locations


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