The Narathi are the creatures men use to scare children at night. Hideous, cruel and possessed with horrible magic, they were the scourge of the Second Age. While they were few in number, these terrible inhuman wizards were kings unto themselves. They were fond of necromancy, razing cities which they conquered and raising their inhabitants to form armies of the walking dead.

The Narathi were tall hideous creatures, always dressed in dark cloaks. They were thin and wraith-like, having hideously deformed and skeletal faces and eyes that shone red in times of emotion or rage.


There is little known about the Narathi’s origins. They spoke little on the subject. There is some evidence that they may have been created by the Elder Race during the Great Ruin. Others think they emerged from the Dark, and may have been demons or the descendants of demons.

The Age of Slaughter

Whatever their history, the Narathi made their power known in the Second Age. Ruling from the Land of Narath, they made war to enslave the entire world to their will. Laying waste to several primeval cities of men, they created vast necropolises. Some speculated that their plan was to create a world of the dead, mindless servants to their will. The Narathi’s conquests also coincide with the first appearance of orcish soldiers in the ancient texts, leading to some speculation that they were the creations of these foul wizards, through the corruption of evil men.

The highest estimate of the number of Narathi is perhaps a few hundred, while others speculate no more than several dozen of the foul creatures existed. But each one ruled a principality of their own, coordinating with each other in a single-minded intent to conquer the whole of Yandil.

The Fall of the Narathi

As they made war on the primeval men, the Yavana formed against them. The race of powerful wizards was the only match to the Narathi’s power. In an alliance of many races, they lead a great counterstroke against the Narathi’s armies of undead and orcs. As the war drew to the close and the Narathi faced extinction, the Land of Narath collapsed and sank to the ocean depths of Deepsea. It is unknown whether this was the work of Yavana magic, or some foolish backfire of Narathi plans, but it spelled the end of the Narathi’s reign of terror.


The evil of the Narathi lingers on. While no pure Narathi survive, the Narathilim persist, hideous creatures merging the qualities of the Narathi and other races. Little is known of the Narathilim’s origins. Some think they are inhabited by the foul souls of the Narathi, while others lean toward the even more disgusting idea of them being the descendants of Narathi half-breeds.

Narathilim inherited their progenitor’s ambition, but only a fraction of their power. From the ruined Narathi citadel of Salaja Vos, the rebuilt ruins of Zurene and the dark kingdoms of Azgul, Narathilim leaders command dark races and undead hordes to do their bidding.

And a handful of the ancient necropolises remain, still prowling without direction through the once-living streets of those primeval cities, their masters long dead.


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