The lands of Yaril can be divided into three categories – civilized lands, lawless expanses and realms lost to history, overtaken by chaos or nature.

Civilized Lands

A majority of people live under some rule of law in these lands, while the land is not completely tamed. In the civilized lands, you will find cities, nobles, and some form of government though the quality varies. These are the footholds of humans in these worlds, or the strongholds of more elder races.

  • The Anidian Isles – Far to the east, a land rich in silver sits, ruled by powerful warrior-kings.
  • The Empire – Once the greatest of human nations, the Empire is now torn by civil war.
  • Macia – The desert region of Macia is home to pirates and explorers, ruled by powerful city states in the shadow of long-abandoned ziggurats.
  • Mancalia – A combination of untamed wilderness and equally untamed city states, Mancalia is a land of city-states, sailing ships and infamous treachery
  • Snowreach – Conquered long ago by Imperials from the Iceborn, Snowreach has become a mixture of both lines of men, ruled by a feudal alliance.
  • Thayana – The last foothold of the mythic Yavana, this is the last land where wild magic thrives in civilized hands.

Lawless Expanses

There are many lands which have never felt the touch of civilization. Or felt it so long in the pass all evidence has fallen away to the march of time. These lands are ruled over by bands of dark races, tiny pocket kingdoms if any, and tribes of barbarians.

  • Firend – The forest-covered land at the top of the world, Firend is the home of notorious barbarians and the most hardened tribes of the Iceborn
  • Ilthak – A cruel land ruled over by hobgoblins, Ilavana and other dark races
  • Longmarch and Skyhome – Vicious raiders and wandering things from the Ruined Lands mark this passageway to the fortress of Farhold and the gateway to Koros
  • Kalothim – This land of wide endless grass and unforgiving desert are ruled by tribes of horsemen and nomads
  • Kath – Verdant and horrible, the forests and rainy basins of Kath are said to be home of giant beasts and unspeakable horrors
  • Spire Coast – The unforgiving sharp rocks that jut out of the sea give this region its name, and its cold rocky landscape is unforgiving.

Lost Realms

  • Koros – The high seat of the Elders in the First Age, Koros is now known as the Ruined Lands. Great cities are now blasted ruins, hideous plagues and creatures roam the lands, torn apart from a ages-past war of sorcery and power.
  • Lothgeir – The last nation of the Iceborn, Lothgeir suffered for many years before being laid waste during [[the Plague of Madness][ during the Terror of Rashaban.
  • Velthana – The homeland of the elves, the Glade King once ruled a kingdom here, before his death brought its downfall, or so the legends say.

Mountains, Oceans and Other Realms





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