War of the Throne

The War of the Throne is the present name of the civil war consuming The Empire. While the Empire had been inflicted with lesser rebellions and times of strife in past centuries, the War of the Throne is particularly widespread and divisive. Every High House and a majority of Lower Houses are embroiled in the conflict.

Growing political divisions, the lack of a clear heir and the sudden death of the Emperor all lead to the powder keg that was ignited by the assassination of Emperor Laton the Fourth. With no successor, and proliferation of related nobles in every High House, a struggle for succession lead to the fragmenting of the Grand Council and the mustering of armies.

While there was hope for a clear victory in the early years of the war, with several large decisive battles, the War began to drag on. No House had the forces necessary on their own to consolidate rule over the entire nation. Large organized battles devolved into long-running skirmishes, raids and smaller actions. Starvation and desertion became a problem, as reavers and armies destroyed harvests and grew weary of what was promised to be a short conflict.

The War has already seen the destruction of two High Houses – House Alister and House Amen – along with countless Lower Houses.

War of the Throne

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